We’re going to break down the two things to keep in mind before you start your quest into Marketing Land - branding and your story.

As creatives, we tend to have an abundance of marketing ideas and sometimes it can get really overwhelming. What should we work on first, will this blog work? Maybe I should do a blog. It’s easy to end up doing 20 million things and you just burn out.

That’s something I struggle with all the time. I want to do all the things, but then I have to take a step back and really look at what it is that I should be doing, what should I be focusing on, and what’s really going to work with connecting with my tribe.

And today I’m going to help you do the same thing. We’re going to break down the two things to keep in mind before you start your quest into Marketing Land. These two concepts will act as a filter for all of those amazing ideas you have so you can feel confident you’re working on the right things.

Your Story

Before you start posting to Instagram or filming a YouTube video, the first thing you need to think about is your story. Your story plays a big role in how you connect with your tribe. We as people want to connect with others that either share similar experiences with us, know what we’re going through, share our struggles, hobbies, and even fandoms.

So think about your story and some of the things that really shape your life as a writer.

  • What got you into writing?
  • Why is it a passion for you? Was it because you wanted to write the types of stories that you wanted to read and just didn’t see those?
  • Did that get you on the path to becoming a writer? Chances are readers feel the same way you do.

So as you’re going through all of your content marketing ideas, think about how your readers can connect to your story.

If you’re an editor, think about why did you want to become an editor? Were you a writer first and then realized like the editing process was your favorite part? Did you do some editing work for someone and realized that was your calling? Those are stories people want to read about. They help create that connection with future clients that are are just so valuable and will get you so far.

The key to sharing your story in a way that resonates with readers is to connect your story to what you do. For example, I wrote a post on Instagram about how my daughters and their relationship really influenced the sisters in my story Macario’s Scepter. My girls are as different as night and day yet they find they will always be there for each other, loving each other so fiercely. Then I asked my followers to tell me about their siblings, which struck up a very cool conversation in the comments.

Your Brand

The second concept or filter that will help you narrow down your content ideas is your brand. Jay Baer, the author of Convince and Convert, defines a brand as “the art of aligning what you want people to think about you with what people actually do think about you”.

So think about what you want people to think about you. What type of writer do you want to be known for? What type of editor do you want people to think of you as? Do you want to be that type of writer that writes about weird fantasy animals that fight with one another? Do you want to be that editor who loves to travel and see different locations?

When thinking about the type of content you want to share online – social media posts, emails, newsletters — think about how it will back up your brand. If you’re someone that loves to travel, then the type of content you should incorporate into your marketing plan should incorporate photos or stories of your travel. If your brand is big on romance, sharing a love story or talking about your heartbreaks should be part of the content you create. Just as your brand will evolve, so will the content you create.

Your turn! What is something you can create that ties into your story as a writer?