MJ McGriff

YA Fantasy Author

An unlikely Chosen One, her pirate captain ex-lover, and a nun. A prophecy that unleashes a fire-breathing sea serpent pouring its wrath on the isles. A magical scepter with the power to destroy—or save—the world.

In a world of friendship and betrayal, monsters and magic, seedy pubs and adventure on the high seas, will Samara’s magical powers, Baz’s cunning plans, and Seraphina’s unshakable faith be enough to slay a cursed sea serpent destroying everything they love?  

Hey there! I’m MJ and I write fast-paced YA fantasy and sci-fi stories featuring strong women of color and fantastical settings beyond what you’re used to. I write stories about women looking to move forward after life throws them out of their comfortable life. I write for women just like you.

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