MJ McGriff

YA Fantasy Author

The Majestic Isles

A tropical group of islands known for its turquoise blue waters and exotic exports.

Population: 20,234

Patron God: Macario

Government: Ruled by The Order, a religious group of priests

Best Known for: Beautiful temples, Tradesman Harbour, Wine Exports

Sample Dishes: Roasted Fin Tuna, Seaweed wrapped Mackaral, Steamed Crab Legs, Fruit Tartes

Standard Dress: Light colored caftans, lace veils, linen suits

Isle of Macario

The main island of the Majestic Isles has the biggest cities in the Isles with the most beautiful temples. You can find the main shipping port, Tradesmen Harbour here, where it’s easy to get lost in all of the cargo and ships that go in and out of it daily.  In the northwest is the capital city of Saranzas where the Order resides in a beautiful palace in the mountains. In the southeast, you’ll find the heathen city of Yaton and the small village of Mazas, which is known for its underground prisons.


This island is known for its sprawling winery estates and its cove that’s perfect for hiding a pirate ship.

Silver Key

Home to middle-class Isle men and women such as commercial fishermen, traders, and winery managers.

Crystal Crest

More middle-class isle people live here, along with the people that work for them.


Sailors, Carpenters, Grape-pressers and other hard working isle people call this island home.


This island has the largest population of fishermen in the Majestic Isles.

The Misty Isle

No one goes to this island since Macario was the one who cursed it during the War of the Gods. Beyond the wall of mist that cloaks the island from view are jagged rocks around the shore and a deathly hot jungle.