MJ McGriff

YA Fantasy Author

Samara Davalos is one of the four chosen magic wielders tasked with saving all the realms of Magia from an ancient evil.

About Samara:

Age: 20 Years Old

Birthplace: Bluegate Island in the Majestic Isles

Surviving Family: Seraphina Davalos, her twin sister

Her Goal: Get as far away from the Majestic Isles as possible.

Dammit, I don’t belong here.

Not in this rat hole of a place. Not on this stupid island with an Order of decrepit men that enslaved people in the name of religion. She belonged out on the sparkling sea, sailing into that beautiful sunset. No more veils. No more prayers. No more judging eyes. This time when she left, she’d leave for good.

And it would happen tonight.

Macario’s Scepter, Book One of the Magian Series