MJ McGriff

YA Fantasy Author

Baz Blackwater is the pirate captain of the infamous ship The Pursuer.

Age: 25 years old

Birthplace: Unknown. Found as a baby in the Godswood

Surviving Family: Pirate crew of the Pursuer

His Life Aspiration: Become the legendary and ruthless pirate his adoptive father was.

Baz looked down at the scratches on his worn desk he’d put there the night he left Samara in the Godswood. If she would’ve asked him to leave that life behind for her, he would’ve done it in an instant. Baz loved her and needed her to live the life he secretly wanted.

But Captain Blackshaw had to leave her so he can carry on the legacy of the man who saved his life.

It didn’t stop the guilt from gnawing at him from the inside out. Behind the mask of captain, he felt empty, and no amount of ale could fill that void.

That’s what happens when you let a woman’s love into your life. If you aren’t careful, it will destroy you.

Macario’s Scepter, Book One of the Magian Series